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I'm shook, I know, I pushed when I shoulda' pulledTook it all back if I could, I put that on my soulAnd I would make a top-notch good listenerIf you could block-off a little time out to give it hereSince we went our separate pathsI've hit a couple snags that remind me of the pastI can't front, I'm havin' a blastBut damned if I ain't afraid of how long it's gonna last[ Find more Lyrics at ]Sittin' here wishin' we could kick itGive me your opinions, I do miss your criticismsI didn't mean to be distant, make a visitI'll wait up and keep the coffee brewin' in the kitchenBut who am I jokin' wit'?There's no way that you and I will ever get to re-open itIt doesn't matter, this is more than loveAnd maybe if I'm lucky, get to see you out the corner of



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