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GrandTotal 8.0.1 ((EXCLUSIVE))

The NetApp(R) FAS3270 is the highest performing mid-range platform with enhanced scalability and flexibility option in the new FAS3200 family of storage systems with NetApp's unified storage architecture. The FAS3200 series performance is driven by a 64-bit architecture that uses high throughput, low latency links and PCI Express for all internal and external data transfers. With the FAS3200 series and Data ONTAP 8.0.1 you can efficiently consolidate SAN, NAS, primary, and secondary storage on a single platform. Data ONTAP 8.0.1 is designed to provide customers with the next generation of features and functionality to ensure they are able to meet the demands of growing workloads. NetApp has designed systems to make them easy for you to install, configure, manage, and upgrade so you can quickly adapt your storage infrastructure to meet your changing business needs. You can minimize the use of data center resources including power, cooling, and floor space-by taking advantage of a comprehensive set of storage-saving software features in Data ONTAP like Deduplication and Thin Provisioning (FlexVols)

GrandTotal 8.0.1

The system under test consisted of two FAS3270 storage controllers and 15 storage shelves, each with 24 450GB SAS disk drives. The two controllers were executing Data ONTAP 8.0.1 software operating in 7G mode. They were configured in an active-active cluster failover configuration, using the high-availability cluster software option in conjunction with iWarp over built-in 10GigE cluster interconnect. One dual-port 10 gigabit ethernet host bus adapter was present in a PCI-e expansion slot on each storage controller. The storage shelves were connected to 2 of the 10 SAS ports on each of the storage controllers. The system under test was connected to a 10 gigabit ethernet switch via 2 network ports. 041b061a72


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