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SRS Audio Sandbox With USB Soundcard Support 64 Bit _BEST_

SRS Audio Sandbox is an excellent program for improving the quality of your audio files on your personal computer. If you are looking for a solid software program that can improve any digital audio file on your PC, then search no more because SRS Audio Sandbox has everything you need. This program offers users full control over digital audio files and it can be used as a VST, RTAS or WAV processor. This product comes with various other great features such as a virtual keyboard, a large collection of sounds and an extensive collection of effect plugins. Users can create, rename and configure a huge number of effects, and the program comes with an interface that allows users to easily share their creations with friends and other users on the Internet.

SRS Audio Sandbox with USB Soundcard Support 64 bit

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Using SRS Audio Sandbox will improve the overall quality of any surround sound system that you have installed in your home or office. This powerful audio enhancement software comes with built-in speaker simulation technology that allows users to reproduce the effect of speakers set up in different locations in your home or office. In addition, this amazing sound software also has a comprehensive array of effects such as fade-in and fade-out panning, full-range bass and even a realistic tremolo. You can use the built-in compressor and the equalizer with this great sound enhancement software.

The only problem with SRS Audio Essentials is that the presets do not work well with music video audio. In the case of both pop videos, there was a noticeable amount of cracking during playback that sat right behind the melody of the song and even adjusting the advanced option sliders did not remove the issue.

A dialogue-heavy movie was also tested and with presets (movie and headphones), the audio came across clean and audible. SRS Audio Essentials was also able to create more virtual surround with small background noise like crickets being easily heard. Considering the source was from DVD, it was impressive that SRS Audio Essentials processed the smaller noises not heard during playback.


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