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How To Buy Cialis Online Reddit [VERIFIED]

The approach is getting a lot of attention as investors are wagering that consumers will be increasingly willing to shop for healthcare the same way they buy mattresses or fancy wool sneakers online. To date, Hims has raised $97 million in funding, including a $50 million Series B in June. On the whole, the industry has raised $660 million in the past year.

how to buy cialis online reddit

The most convenient way to get a Viagra prescription is to talk to a licensed healthcare provider online. Using our telehealth platform, you can consult a licensed healthcare provider from home via an online ED consultation.

Pfizer, the company that developed Viagra, has an online doctor discussion guide that includes several simple questions you can use to start a discussion with your healthcare provider about erectile dysfunction.

If your primary care provider thinks that your erectile dysfunction could be caused by a physical health problem, they might refer you to a specialist such as a urologist (a doctor that specializes in the urinary and reproductive tract) or endocrinologist (a specialist in hormonal health).

To keep yourself safe, you should only buy Viagra -- whether online or offline -- from a reputable vendor that requires you to have a prescription. You can learn more about purchasing Viagra or other erectile dysfunction medicines online safely in this guide from the FDA.

Luckily, getting a Viagra prescription is a simple process. You can talk to a healthcare provider online, visit your local primary care provider or schedule an appointment with a specialist to talk about your symptoms and discuss treatment options.

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