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HBO And Game Of Thrones Should Learn A Lesson From Netflix And Stranger Things [NEW]

On their end, an insider at HBO told Variety that they've managed to keep costs down on their big shows by learning lessons from their previous experiences. Years of creating shows like "Game of Thrones," "Westworld," and "His Dark Materials" gave them the experience to work smarter, not pricier. Here's hoping that Netflix can learn to do the same. The streaming service has created some amazing original content over the years, though some of it was canceled far too soon because of their "throw money at it and pray it works" policy. Maybe the recent shakeups will help them realize that money can't solve every problem, especially when they're going to eventually run out.

HBO and Game of Thrones should learn a lesson from Netflix and Stranger Things

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If the industry can learn from the biggest trends and lessons of the past 12 months, then 2023 can be a pivotal step forward. Carefully calculated scheduling and genre/sub-genre expansion in key markets, additional streaming tiers that provide financial flexibility rolled up into creative bundling, strategic consolidation and focus. The seeds of long term new visions realities will be watered in the upcoming year.

Sophie is 21 now, so she's probably walked away with some huge lessons learned from the show. Although, saying that, we're hoping that she received some formal sex education outside of Game of Thrones.

Fun fact: Freeform is one of the best in the game when it comes to delivering topical young adult shows. The Gen-Z-skewing network proved once again that it knows how to talk about serious issues facing the younger generation without getting preachy or condescending with its latest original dramedy, Single Drunk Female. The series follows Sam (Sofia Black-D'Elia), a twentysomething journalist who is forced to go to rehab and move back home after drunkenly assaulting her boss in the pilot episode. Back home, Sam is forced to face the grief over her father's death she never really dealt with, learn to communicate with her overbearing mother, and define success for herself while it seems like everyone else around her is falling apart. Single Drunk Female doesn't shy away from how messy being an addict can be, but it doesn't judge or exploit Sam's journey either. It's honest and raw, while also finding a way to be heartwarming at the most surprising times. It's a sobriety story stripped of clichés. -Megan Vick

If you haven't genuinely heard about Rancho's lessons on job and life, you are missing out on primary education. This critically acclaimed and commercially successful film is a coming-of-age comedy-drama. The movie takes you on a rollercoaster of learning the ways of the real world. It depicts the life of engineering students, from the rat race to the top of the academic rankings to the hazing of seniors. It tells the story of three friends, Rancho, Raju, and Farhan, and their time spent in college. The film promotes the ideology of thinking outside the box. It promises a thrilling and educative watch for college students.

Like Stars on Earth is a narrative about Ishaan Awasthi, who struggles with dyslexia. His disability harms how well he does academically. As a result, Ishaan is frequently ridiculed for his poor performance in school. However, he possesses a remarkable ability for drawing and painting. Since he is always alone, he quickly falls into fear, anxiety, and depression. Like Stars on Earth sheds light on significant problems, such as dyslexia, among others. You will learn valuable lessons like friendship from seeing this film. It will enable you to get an education on problems that are crucial yet frequently overlooked.

Movies are a great way to make learning easy. Students usually understand concepts better when they see a movie explaining them. Movies have a way of making a student see things from different perspectives and ignite fresh thoughts and ideas. There are many educational advantages to visual learning, but it is vital to do so appropriately. Although movies can't take the place of real-world education, it has their way of instilling learning. Watching movies in classrooms requires planning if a teacher intends to use the approach. When they are utilized effectively in the educational process, movies are an indispensable study tool.


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