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Shaft Legendas PortuguГЄs (pt)

Nessa palestra do Ted Talks, a apresentadora e escritora americana Julie Burstein compartilha quatro lições sobre como se manter criativo diante de desafios, dúvidas e perdas. Para isso, ela selecionou as falas da cineasta indiana Mira Nair, do escritor Richard Ford, do escultor Richard Serra e do fotógrafo Joel Meyerowitz, que falam sobre criatividade a partir de suas vivências. Veja na íntegra com legendas em Português.

Shaft Legendas PortuguГЄs (pt)

Torches can be found randomly generated among the supports in a mineshaft's corridors, as part of village lamp posts, in various rooms in strongholds, in the basements of igloos, in woodland mansions, and around pillager outposts. Torches also generate around bonus chests if each side has a block at the same height around it. In the End, four torches generate as part of the exit portal, around the second bedrock block from the top.They also generate in ancient cities. 041b061a72


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