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Emagic Logic Fun 4.8: A Free MIDI Sequencer with Audio Tracks and Effects

Update: An audio plug-in comparison between Native Instruments Komplete 8 and Emagic Logic 5 doesn't show any significant differences in performances. But, one thing that I found interesting, when I was comparing both plug-ins, was the color scheme in the Arrange window. The Emagic Logic 5 track was much lighter than the Native Instruments Komplete 8 track.

Emagic Logic Fun 4.8 Free Downlo

MacOS 10.5.3. No longer compatible with OS X 10.5.2 or 10.5.1.C. Although not officially supported on any operating system, Emagic Logic Extreme (free) is a great plug-in for those OS X users who have been missing out on some of the useful features in Emagic's Logic 5. At the moment, it is one of the best free plug-ins out there. To me, it is the perfect complement to Logic's $79.99 native plug-in, PitchBend. With this plug-in, you'll never have to calculate your own timing corrections or have to resort to Ping-Ponging bus stereo groups for delayed effects.

I consider Native Instruments Komplete 8 to be the best one-stop production powerhouse ever created by any developer. It is well worth it's $125.00 price tag, especially since you can easily download and use some free plug-ins from Native Instruments. Perhaps the most interesting of those plug-ins is Komplete Backline. This free plug-in provides multiple sound banks and standard MIDI routes. If you like to do session work on your computer, or any other MIDI controller, Komplete Backline comes in handy. You'll also appreciate that Komplete Backline allows you to record audio via your FireWire, USB, or SPDIF audio interface.


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