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3. "Neither Jewish nor American, Sergio Leone deconstructs the emerging narrative about the Jewish-American experience that the revival of the Lower East Side and the culture of Yiddishkeit shaped. . . . The [End Page 84] brilliant coup [of his movie] is to show us that memories like those the [Robert de Niro character] has been carrying around with him and of which he is disabused are not just individual reminiscences but collective fictions, shaped, crafted, articulated, by photographs, images, films, theater, performance culture itself. And more: that the images that have constructed not just our factitious and idealized narratives of the Lower East Side, of Jewishness in America, but of the U.S. itself turn out to be as false, or at least, incomplete, as [his]." Jonathan Freedman, University of Michigan: "Once Upon a Time in New York: Sergio Leone and the De-Sacralizing of the Jewish Immigrant Narrative"

download full movie The Coup in italian

"I don't remember the name of the movie (maybe the masters, Siskel and Ebert, remember) but I do remember that the main actor was Peter Fonda. I remember the plot clearly. It was about a group of brilliant Harvard students who raped a woman. She accused them in a public hearing and they responded that she was a prostitute. Their lawyer defended them by using their grades and good families. They're found innocent. The woman commits suicide. As adults, the 'juniors' look for stronger emotions and they dedicate themselves to hunting down vacationing couples on weekends... after the standard rape, the 'juniors' free the couple in the countryside and hunt them down with shotguns.


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