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Authors benefit from the move to the Pensoft online editorial platform in that they can expect a faster turnaround time for their manuscripts, usually ranging from one to a few months from submission to publication. The open access model guarantees a better dissemination and visibility of their articles through the simple but important fact of accessibility, augmented by tailored use of cutting-edge Web 2.0 technologies. Manuscripts are submitted through a highly automated online editorial management system that provides authors and editors with a more streamlined editorial pathway. The move to electronic publication also means that there is no page limit for manuscript length, although for large revisionary works, checklists, catalogues, monographs, etc., there is the option of separate publication as a supplement. Nor is there a limit (or extra charge) for colour illustrations or the integration with multimedia (e.g. as in Wcislo et al. 2012), and authors are encouraged to submit non-printable matter like movie clips, sound recordings, or 3D animations. At the same time, we continue to produce a high resolution full-color printed version with a subscription option for individuals and institutions, and Society members benefit from a discount on printed copies and open access fees.

Ra.One full movie hd download



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