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Where To Buy Harry And David Pepper And Onion Relish [NEW]

Thanks for this recipe, it turned out great! And all my jars popped ? I was following an old recipe for years for pepper & onion relish but I liked the ingredients in this one. I have a new favorite.

where to buy harry and david pepper and onion relish

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If you LOVE relish, then this is a must try for you! Harry and David has a large variety of Pepper and Onion Relish that would suit your tastebuds and makes you feel like there is a party in your mouth! I tried it for the first time when I stepped into the Harry and David store a few years ago and ever since then, I am HOOKED! I always order through the magazine, I never thought that there would be a physical store out there! This relish could be mixed with cream cheese and become another dip on its own. Its like heaven! I really enjoyed it, I would always buy about 10 jars when I go to the store since it is sort of a long drive from where I live. Well worth it, however if you aren't into the sweet tart taste of relish, then you might want to skip this.

Enjoy an exceptional combination of exquisite flavors and textures. Bursting with a sweet and savory blend of ingredients, including ripe tomatoes, onions, delicious red bell pepper, and spicy jalapenos to add the perfect amount of heat. Enjoy a sweet twist on a customer favorite.

As I stated above, this recipe is very inexpensive to make. You will need one block of cream cheese. In my area, cream cheese can go for anywhere between .99 and $2.00. One 8 oz jar of Harry and David classic pepper and onion relish, online for $6.99. Note: you will only use 1/2 of the jar, per 8 oz block of cream cheese, so one jar yields plenty of dip. One package of corn chips. We like Fritos Scoops. Prices vary on the chips. 041b061a72


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