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Visualrf Plan 7.5

VisualRF Plan is the Aruba AP planning software package. VisualRF Plan is available as part of the AirWave server product and as a free standalone planning tool for Windows. When you plan a new facility, Aruba recommends using VisualRF Plan even when you expected to use a passive, active, and/or spectrum clearing survey later.

visualrf plan 7.5

Download File:

Install Visual RF plan, wait for the installation... If you are ready to upload your CAD file is optional if you remove some of the layers, as we know CAD files are huge.. So you can make it light and remove some extra layers..

I was wondering if anyone encountered a problem wherein, I already uploaded a floorplan and placed the APs on VisualRF however heatmap or doing a survey does not work. All the clients show up on 1 spot in the map. Even viewing the AP's rf environment does not show on the floorplan.


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