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Cabal Awakened Forbidden Island Quest Guide [PATCHED]

It is probably in some ancient May-day custom that [311]weare to look for the key to a remarkable place-name occurring severaltimes in the island: I allude to that of Cronk yn Irree Laa,which probably means the Hill of the Rise of Day. This is the name ofone of the mountains in the south of the island, but it is also borneby one of the knolls near the eastern end of the range of low hillsending abruptly on the coast between Ramsey and Bride parish, and quitea small knoll bears the name, near the church of Jurby18. I have heard of a fourth instance, which, as Ilearn from Mr. Philip Kermode, editor of the Lioar Manninagh, ison Clay Head, near Laxey. It has been attempted to explain it asmeaning the Hill of the Watch by Day, in reference to the oldinstitution of Watch and Ward on conspicuous places in the island; butthat explanation is inadmissible as doing violence to the phonetics ofthe words in question19. I am rather inclined tothink that the name everywhere refers to an eminence to which thesurrounding inhabitants resorted for a religious purpose on aparticular day in the year. I should suggest that it was to do homageto the rising sun on May morning, but this conjecture is offered onlyto await a better explanation. [312]

Cabal Awakened Forbidden Island Quest Guide



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