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Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl

Everything about "Living Dead Girl" is quintessential Rob Zombie. It's a tale about a madman who creates an undead lady with an appetite for blood. It's littered with samples and references from obscure horror films of all kinds. It has a loose, promiscuous groove, speckles of eastern-influenced psychedelia and the cantillations of women who sound at once ghastly and suggestive. "Crawl on me/Sink into me/Die for me/Living dead girl."

Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl

There are two interpretations that I found from the urban dictionary that make the most sense.#1 A living dead girl is an irresistible female who has a love for horror and the grisliest of things and enjoys learning about the dead and being around them.#2 A living dead girl is a female who has killed the child inside of her meaning she gave away or lost her innocence. 041b061a72


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