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[S3E1] A Breath Of Fresh Air

  • Apologetic Attacker: Daw, the new airbender who accidentally slams a door into Mako and later blows the police off a bridge.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Tenzin announces his excitement of finding new airbenders and rhetorically wonders who else is discovering this wonderful gift. The next scene cuts to an isolated, high security prison, where a non-bending criminal named Zaheer is held. He breaks out of prison with his newly obtained airbending.

  • Bring My Brown Pants: After saving him from falling of Kyoshi bridge Korra introduces Daw to Tenzin who comments that this is the first time he's meet an Airbender whose diaper he hasn't had to change. Daw then replies that, since he just fell off a bridge, he could use a diaper change.

  • Call-Back: Asami told Korra about the kiss in Book 2 with Korra telling her not to sweat it due to events in Book 1 where she kissed Mako when he was seeing Asami.

  • Korra tries to use the spirit pacification technique on the vines. It just makes them come back twice as strong.

  • Cleaning Up Romantic Loose Ends: In this case by getting rid of them completely, as Korra and Asami finally put their Mako-related difficulties behind them once and for all. You half expect them to turn to the camera and say "There, happy now?"

  • Continuity Nod: The mechanized air glider staff design made by The Mechanist is still around as well, alongside the traditional air nomad glider. No word yet on if the snack compartment is still part of the design.

  • The vine-covered buildings Korra attempts her spirit purification are by the bridge Korra ran across in "Welcome to Republic City" (specifically, the bridge on which she lost the metalbending officer by creating an ice-wall he slammed into)

  • Did Not See That Coming: The White Lotus bodyguards did not expect Zaheer to acquire airbending abilities.

  • Die or Fly: Bumi first airbends when he's falling off a cliff.

  • The Door Slams You: Daw blows a door off its hinges into Mako, Mako and the door then fly across the room to slam into the opposite wall.

  • Double-Meaning Title: Referring to both the appearance of new airbenders and the Love Triangle of past seasons being done and over with for both ladies can start fresh as closer friends than before.

  • Drives Like Crazy: Asami lets Korra drive her car. At least this time Korra doesn't hit anything.

  • The Exile: Korra is exiled from Republic City because she can't fix the vine problem. She takes it in stride, though.

  • The Gadfly: Asami gets a good one on Korra when she pretends that she didn't know that Korra kissed Mako while they were still dating. Korra has a serious Oh, Crap! look on her face before Asami reveals that she is screwing with her and that she knew all along.

  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: Asami's exasperated sigh about Mako implies that she's still willing to be friends and teammates with him, but is otherwise as tired of his romantic antics as the audience.

  • Forgot to Mind Their Head: Mako is sleeping on a cot under his desk at the police station. When his phone ringing suddenly wakes him up, he naturally bumps his head underneath the desk.

  • From Bad to Worse: What Korra's solution to the vines wound up being.

  • Hannibal Lecture: Zaheer delivers one of these to his guards before revealing his new airbending abilities, using it to escape.

  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Korra has not fared well in the eyes of the people of Republic City after Harmonic Convergence. Her approval rating is only at 8%.

  • Homemade Sweater from Hell: Bumi tries to get Bumju to wear one that Bumi made himself.

  • Hope Spot: It seems as though Korra can remove the gigantic vines with Unalaq's spirit pacification technique. She can... but the vines grow back to a greater degree seconds later.

  • How Do I Shot Web?: People who just suddenly get bending abilities don't automatically know how to use them. Bumi can barely make his bending work and the other new airbender we meet suffers from such Power Incontinence that he's a danger to himself and others.

  • Instant Expert: Zaheer, though justified since he's a dedicated student of airbender culture. He's also implied to have been a Badass Normal before this, given his Tailor-Made Prison, so he's got a lot of the physical training out of the way.

  • Irony: Bumi turning out to be one of the first of the new airbenders is a rather Hilarious in Hindsight example of this, considering how Tenzin and Kya teased him about not being able to bend his way down the cliff like they did in "Civil Wars Part One" (something airbending would in fact have been quite useful for). It's also Heartwarming in Hindsight, considering how several times Bumi admitted to being ashamed he hadn't (in his belief) made Aang proud like Tenzin did, and that all his bragging throughout the second season about not needing bending to be a badass is clearly how he copes with not being a bender.

  • Jaw Drop: The reaction of everyone in the room when they first see Bumi airbending. Special mention though to Bolin, Meelo and Ikki who live up to their habit of making epic faces.

  • Mass Super-Empowering Event: Harmonic Convergence has created airbenders the world over out of former non-benders.

  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Tenzin notes that Korra would have to be going through some issues if she started meditating.

  • Power Incontinence: Bumi can't figure out how to use his airbending at first, while Daw reflexively airbends without meaning to. The latter ends up climbing to the top of Kyoshi Bridge out of fear for the harm he may cause.

  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: Zaheer to the guards at his prison:Zaheer: When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality.

  • The Precarious Ledge: Daw ends up on top of Kyoshi Bridge and is in real danger of falling. Then he actually falls when reaching out to take Korra's hand. Luckily, she's been flying around the city on a glider and scoops him up before he lands.

  • Ship Sinking: Korra and Asami agree to write off the love triangle for good.

  • Ship Tease: On the other hand, Korra and Asami hit it off pretty well. Asami also has a pretty flirty exchange with Korra when offering to teach her to drive, hair flip and all.

  • Korra in kind is happy to now have a "girlfriend to hang out with and talk to... besides Naga" and nearly crashed the car from staring at Asami at the same time.

  • Tears of Joy: Tenzin sheds some after realizing that with the rise of new airbenders around the world his fathers dream of the restoration of the Air Nation can finally be fulfilled.

  • Time Skip: Shiro Shinobi notes in the recap that it has been two weeks since Harmonic Convergence and Korra's battle with UnaVaatu.

  • Took a Level in Jerkass: President Raiko. In the past, he had been unwilling to help Korra because he didn't want to involve the city in the Water Tribe civil war...and he does so in a polite way. Here, he acts openly hostile towards Korra and kicks her out of the city for not clearing out the spirits quickly.

  • Ungrateful Bastard: The people of the United Republic and Republic City, with President Raiko even banishing her from the city. Granted, Korra's actions did lead to most of the city being covered in huge vines, but she did stop Unavaatu from destroying it.

  • Wham Episode: Bumi is one of the few to have obtain the power to airbend. It is soon revealed that there is a now a resurgence of Airbenders since all but Aang were wiped out nearly 200 years ago (100 before the original series, and around 70 between that and Korra).

  • You Have to Believe Me!: No-one believes Bumi can airbend... until that plate that serves as the episode image.

[S3E1] A Breath of Fresh Air

Nathan Shelley has begun his new role, a key plot point throughout the upcoming season no doubt, while AFC Richmond owner Rebecca continues to struggle with the free rent former club owner and ex-husband Rupert enjoys in her brain. Still, Rebecca's friendship with Keeley Jones remains a breath of fresh air.

When The Mandalorian started, it was exactly what Star Wars needed. No longer focusing on the Skywalkers or any Jedi, it was a breath of fresh air. Giving us a look at a side of the galaxy far far away we never really got to see before, set in a time period rarely explored. The adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu in the first season were a space western focused on its own pocket of the Star Wars universe. 041b061a72


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