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Color And Light A Guide For The Realist Painter James Gurney-torrent.torrent

james gurney has been a world-renowned painter and writer. with more than 30 titles, including born to draw, color and light, the coloring book, the coloring book - first edition, and the art spirit, he is the best-selling author of all time in the category of children's picture books. his more than forty years of painting have taken him to many parts of the world, including the u.s., japan, new zealand, australia, china, norway, canada, mexico, cuba, and the countries of the former soviet union. he has been the recipient of many awards, including the c.a.b. (children's artists foundation) award and, most recently, the prentice hall/artist's and artists' magazine award of excellence. james gurney has maintained a studio in manhattan since 1973.

Color And Light A Guide For The Realist Painter James Gurney-torrent.torrent

5. reading paint books. book one is science of paint what you actually need to know about the medium for yourself. it explains why the color you use matters and how to apply it. book two is art of oil painting which teaches you to understand the different oils from the get go. book three is about the uses of oils. it goes into theories of mixing the oils and applying the oils. 6. a classic is "how to draw" by mary blair she teaches you the basics. 7. "drawing from nature" by gary naisbitt follows, i have no recommendation in this book. 8. learning to draw by karen moline i have no experience of this book since i got a book covering the subject. 9. caring about color- johanna kaminski again i have no recommendation on this one. 10. a new book is "artist in your own style" by tina avery same as karen moline. (again no recommendation. 11. how to draw a simple model by larry a. brinks learn the tools and make a drawing from life. it teaches you how to become a great model it also has a color section. 12. " how to draw a goldfish" by john sonnaber same as larry brinks. 13. wet on wet how to draw on canvas by donald schutz this is a book i once had but i kept it. 14. " the art of painting by mari costa - i have it in my library.


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