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Download Warcraft 3 Full Map Dday PORTABLE

if you ever miss the keyboard inputs for the map you are playing then the 12 key combo /wheel will show up a small wheel on your map. then you need to type the command /eye on the small wheel and you will see a small window that shows you the commands that you can type on the loaded map.

download warcraft 3 full map dday

go to your core (d: drive) folder and paste it there. make sure you copy it to the root. your windows will prompt for the disk permission to be changed. allow it to do so. now you can launch the warzone3-lobby.exe from your warcraft3 folder.

if you have unaccesed the maps on the official websites then you cant play the maps that way. you will need to download the old maps on the official website (the unpacked ones). you can then create a folder (war3) in your warcraft3 folder and you can start downloading the maps in there and loading them in your warzone3 game.

it was a challenge to create a map as warcraft 3 with an area of the size 40x35 meters. in order to be able to create such a map i needed to experience how blizzard imagined this map to look like (with so much details and a complex overview) and i even made one big test with mop. i wasn't impressed! finally i came up with this map and tried to give the impression of a final map (with so many details!). just by knowing this map you can see that blizzard has some great ideas and great ways of programming their maps!

if you have the key for the map, please only download if you know what you are doing and what risk you are playing into. i have been downloading and unzipping but if it gets this way someone who doesn't download before can get their hands on this file! please don't share and don't download this map by any means if you don't know what you are doing. you will be fine, i promise!


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