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Stickman Dismounting: The Best Game for Stickman Lovers

In Stickman Dismounting, you can indulge your mischievous side by putting the stickman through a number of dangerous tests. What happens when you push a rolling cart down a steep incline? It rolls down at breakneck speeds, as our stick figure character is about to find out. Featuring many different tools and entertaining levels, there is no end your experiments. Hey, it's for science!

The stickman is here once again for an experiment. This time, you need to do as much damage as you can to the stickman. You can just jump or use various vehicles in each scene. Earn money based on the damage and use it to unlock more maps and vehicles. What is your best damage so far? If you love this kind of game, you should check out Stickman Destruction 3 Heroes.Release DateMay 2018

stickman dismounting

Welcome to one of the original destruction dismount games ever made. Stickman Dismounting is revamped and reforged for a new generation of players looking to have fun through the chaos. Launch your stickman from a vehicle and see him fly off the screen in hilarious ragdoll physics. Get to partake in multiple levels, each with various challenges to complete. Unlock sweet rides that have different perks to get you uniquely doing stunts. Get the Stickman game online download for PC only here.

This is a stickman destruct game, you can destroy the stickman as hard as you can. Choose different type of vechiles, pose to launch the stickman, perform stunts and fly over jisaws to reach the maximum damagae. You can be as destructive as you like.Feature:- Vechiles including motorcycle, jeep, bulldozer, bed, chair and anything out of your imagination.- Different landscapes with stunting stair fall, long sliding slopes, array of jisaw and arrows.Learn driving, shooting, boxing and kendo.This game have 18+ levels of stickman. Each level of the stickman have different characteristics. There are totally 4 track you have to learn: driving, shooting, boxing and kendoUpgrade all these skill to become the master stickman.Driving:Choose different type of vehicles, pose to launch the stickman, perform stunts and fly over jisaws to reachthe maximum damage. You can be as destructive as you like. Shooting:Sit on a fighting boat and kill all the enemies on your way, upgrade to next levelBoxing:Close one-on-one fighting skill you must learn. Try to defeat the boxing opponent, some of them are much stronger than you.Kendo:Learn from the far-east kendo master. Be calm, quite and fast. Kill all your enemies with the most lethal sword you can get.

Usually, in action games full of stunts, our objective is to make sure that main character completes all his tricks safe and sound without suffering any harm. In Stickman Dismounting it's totally the opposite, the more traumas and broken bones that this stickman has, the more points you'll score.

Stickman Dismounting Mod APK is a wonderful game in which you have to show off thrilling action and fighting skills. This is a physics ragdoll game in which your morale is to push the stickman and throw it on the hills and ladder. This game belongs to the simulation category, which is developed by ViperGames.

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When you join this game then here you will get naturalistic physics extreme gameplay. Which allows gamers to enjoy the unique Ragdoll gameplay. Here you can experience amazing stunts and realistic accidents. In this, you get a task in which you have to torture a stickman guy until he gets crushed and smashed.

When you play this game well and your performance is great then you get coins in rewards. With that, you can buy deadly and insane traps and obstacles in the game for your stickman. Here you can also select the pose system of your character, which you also get the option to organize.

Stickman Dismounting Mod APK is an authentic and satisfying riding simulation game where players can push the stickman through the hills and cracked all their bones and ribs. Along with that, you can do high stunts and get destroyed by pushing their vehicle into the wall. There are many amazing options for you to choose from. Here you have to suffer from many obstacles and challenges but after that play will be healed automatically. Hope you all enjoy this great game.

Stickman Dismount is a fun physics stickman game where your job is to push a stick figure down the stairs, cliffs and all kinds of stages. Of course you can play this game online and for free on Try to break as many bones as possible and dismount yourself to earn points. Play this cool turbo dismount game and unlock new vehicles to perform your painful and life threatening stunts. Choose different poses and set the perfect amount of power to your jump to achieve the most perfect bone crushing stupidity.

Don't try this in real life unless you are a real stickman. Earn points by breaking bones and spend the money for new vehicles. Buy a motorcycle or a shopping cart and drive down your ruin. This is all about causing as much damage as possible so don't be squeamish. Are you ready to break a leg? Find out and enjoy Stickman Dismount!


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