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TG Pro Temperature Gauge Pro V2.72

Download TG Pro 2 free latest full version standalone offline DMG setup for Mac OS X. Temperature Gauge Pro 2022 for macOS is a simple-to-use software application designed to help you with temperature monitoring, fan control, and diagnostics of all kinds of Mac problems.

TG Pro Temperature Gauge Pro v2.72


TG Pro is a software application that provides users with a simple means of fan controlling, diagnostics temperature monitoring, and other diagnostics of Mac. It offers you a chance to extend the life of your Mac no matter you buy it a decade ago. The interface of the application is intuitive and user-friendly that guides you step by step to improve your Mac credibility. It allows you to quickly view CPU, GPU, logic board, and hard drive temperatures. You can also check battery health and the other hardware diagnostics of Mac. It enables you to boost the fan speed and keep your Mac cool all the time. It notifies you with email notifications about temperature with all the details about other hardware. The app provides a separate secure service for fan control and SSL/HTTPS connections. You may also like Middle for Mac Free DownloadIt provides built-in support for the Internet Access Policy. Moreover, it enables you to export system information in CSV file format or also view it in a graph. To make a long story short, TG Pro is an exciting application to control your Mac performance and monitor the temperature.

The cameras listed below will record ProRes RAW media when using supported Atomos disk recorders. You can view and adjust the temperature, ISO, and exposure offset for ProRes RAW media using controls in the Final Cut Pro inspector.

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