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Unlock All Character in Satria Heroes Mod APK and Download the New Version for Free

You can play in heroes mode, where you have to defeat your enemies in a scrolling mode. Train your characters and use them in Battles. We have provided unlimited money, stamina and many more in it. So download BIMA X Mod Apk latest version now.

You have unlock all characters, so use it wisely and train them to be fighters. Many rare and unique color characters are from TV shows or movies. You have to upgrade and help them reach their full potential.

download satria heroes mod apk unlock all character new version


The game also gives you the opportunity to participate in PvP modes, also known as individual combat in styles like Street Fighter and Tekken. Only here can you play with other heroes bound to the Monster Character Pack. In total, you can play dozens of characters, including main characters and villains. You can also choose a mask for each character.

BIMA X MOD APK is a thrilling action game for Android and iOS. In the game, you can assemble different items and get new characters. Moreover, you can enjoy exciting battles and action. In this game, you will face many enemies and try to defeat them. A new Heroes Mode also allows players to unlock all characters by defeating all enemies in each level of this mode. In addition, many other ways in the game allow players to enjoy the action and excitement. These modes include Campaign Mode, Survival Mode, and more. In this game, you will have to fight with your enemy using characters such as Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan.

BIMA X MOD APK is a game developed by the famous studio BIMA. The game has been downloaded more than one million times since its release, becoming one of the most popular games among all players. The game has many exciting features: Assemble items and get new characters, Enjoy thrilling battles and action as well as New Heroes Mode: defeat all enemies by yourself, Upgrade items and weapons; Train your Personalities; Unlock All Characters. This game has survival mode and new heroes mode. In survival mode, you must fight with your enemy using characters such as Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. You will also get many items and weapons to help you in battle.

This is not just about playing the game; it is about unlocking the new Heroes Mode and fighting with all enemies in a single-player mode. You can unlock all characters here, upgrade items and weapons to strengthen your team, train your Personalities and defeat all enemies. In this mode, every level has its difficulty level, which will increase as you go further into the game. You can choose from multiple choices before starting an adventure with your favorite heroes.

The BIMA X MOD APK is a game for Android devices with an exciting concept. It is a role-playing game where you must control your character and go through many map levels. BIMA STUDIO has developed the game, and is available on the Play Store for free download. In this article, we will talk about everything there is to know about this app and share tips on how to play it properly. This app has many different features that make it unique among other similar games available online today, so if you like adventure games, then this app would be perfect for you!

Bima X Mod APK adalah game yang diadaptasi dari serial TV dengan judul yang sama. Serial televisi populer Satria Garuda BIMA-X telah menghadirkan game fighting yang memuaskan dan menyenangkan untuk dinikmati semua penggemarnya. Dengan versi aplikasi Bima X Mod APK unlock all character 2023, kamu bisa menggunakan atau membuka semua karakter yang awalnya terkunci.

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Kamu berkesempatan untuk mendapatkan game Bima X Mod APK unlock all character 2023. Menunggu untuk naik level dan memenangkan karakter baru memang sangat melelahkan juga membosankan. Dengan aplikasi yang kamu dapatkan di artikel ini, kamu dengan mudah mendapatkan semua karakter yang kamu sukai dan memainkannya untuk mempermudah kemenangan.

The money that you earn in this game can be used to buy different items to upgrade your character in the game. You can upgrade the game to another level by using the coins that you earn in the game. You can get Unlimited Money resources on your game account by downloading our Satria Heroes mod apk.

In the new heroes mode, The player fights with their favorite character against one computer opponent after another. Furthermore, you can choose a difficulty level from Easy, Normal, Hard, Super, or Hyper. That means that you get a chance to analyze and determine your skills with each level.

Money plays a significant role in the whole game. It would help buy certain upgrades and customization features and unlock new characters. However, acquiring it is not an easy chore. It would help if you spent tons and tons of effort and time.

Last but not least, the next feature on the list is unlocking all the characters. The game has a wide variety of characters. And each of them is equipped with different features. However, it would help unlock them by playing the game and upgrading your level.

Ya, di dalam gamenya ini terdapat fitur unlock all character jadi pemain akan bisa memainkan semua karakter di dalam gamenya secara mudah dan juga gratis. Kalau begitu, untuk menggunakan gamenya ini bisa download sekarang juga.


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