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Mobile Game В FAP NATION

kearney, its the same for ANY sex scene from Katies hand job and later, it crashes, i was fingering Angle in the store room and it crashed, i jumped an episode and the same again gets to a sex scene and crashes, ALL the Renpy games are now doing it even the ones that had no issues are now crashing on sex scenes

Mobile game В» FAP NATION

kearney, They will never do, this is a way of advertising their game without giving a way their main content. I recommend just playing from their patreon links. The first 18 episodes are free and there are no errors. The other episodes you need to subscribe to their patreon

Official link, you mean please PAY the official game.Its a bit obvious this F2P-version is purposely sabotaged: every time you get through a story to get a reward, the game bugs out. Over and over again. This is obviously done on purpose!Shame on you people!

Official link, Its pretty obvious this Free to Play version is purposely bugged like this to fórce people to pay for it.I hope your company realises what bad sort of marketing this puts out for your company.People will think twice before trying your games now.These bugs are reported for over a year now, and you've done sh*t about it.You're just scammers with this sort of policy.Shame on you!

Game keeps crashing when I reach the sex scene with Katie, I'm assuming that's where the game is currently held up at, but. Overall, the games really great and the story is well do so far. Can't wait for the next update!

Great game... until it crashed. After maybe ten hours of game play, I finally am getting a handjob from Katie when the game just hangs. I went back to my latest save and it hung in the same exact frame so I don't think it's just me. Too bad because I was really liking this one.

best game, I think it's also the longest and it's so easy to play too which make it #1 to me. The animation could be a little better but the designs make up for it as well as the variety of angles during the sex scenes.I hope you get to fuck Teresa more in the next update and cuck her faggot Son.

Actual dev for the game here. For those who actually want to play the game as it is intended with animations and non-freezing/buggy gameplay. Hunt us down on patreon and check us out please. You will thank me later. :)

Every gamer has a go-to game. Some play to unwind and put them at ease, others do it for the pure thrill of it. If your entertainment time comes with over the top sexiness, sprinkled with just the right amount of comedy, then FAP CEO is going to hit the spot.

Lewdzone is a database of latest and the best adult games from all around the world. From here you can download and play latest adult games for free. Get ready for new story and adventure coming with every update of games! We have 7000+ games listed here with more than 30000 updates.We also provide mods, walkthrough guide and cheats and save files for games made by developers and community which help you to experience the adult games at fullest exten. Discuss about adult xxx games in comment section of each game and official subreddit.It is all free and 100% safe, Enjoy adult gaming.

I have tried many times now to install season 2 of this game, still season 2 of this game showing some kind of error. Please in next update fix the following issue so that we can enjoy it on android platform

Meh The MC acts like a 12 year old, cumming anytime a girl even touches him. This game gets very tedious with replaying a scene over and over again. Most times the solution is to masterbate before hand. to solve his premature ejactulations. Not sure who would enjoy playing this loser MC.

I downloaded the mirror version and it said damaged apk i downloaded new hotfix version and again it said damaged apk. Please upload Working game file for android. I have been waiting months to finally get enough internet to download this and everything has been put to waste.

android simply does not support that large of an apk. there is an alternate method of running renpy games on android. it is much more reliable than apks so you should look into it if you really want to run these games on android.

gamer, now it gives an error (behind the name) saying there's a problem. you don't say? I played this game for a few hours & got to the 2nd week, my pc started crashing & now it cannot even download anymore. my entire pc is messed up becuz of this stupid ass game

Even though there's lot to complain, it's slow and you are railroaded to do one storyline at a time which often means entire characters are forgotten for long periods of time, this has perhaps THE best 2D art imaginable. I love it, just hope they'd made the game less of a hassle.

With yo starting with every update of this game..after yo've met everyone in town the game seems to lose its essence..and what's up with the shifting of characters selection passed midway in game If I wanted to play a female protagonist I've would've done so in the beginning these dev(s) needs to get that in their mental nowadays then forcing their gamers players into doing so

This game has gone so far off the rails. The MC is total dirtbag... not the fun kind of dirtbag either. So much of what he does is too mean-spirited to be enjoyable. It's the kind of story a teenager who hates women would write. So misogynistic and misanthropic that it makes me feel genuinely disturbed at times. Hopefully you take the patreon money and get some therapy, my dude because your ass clearly needs to talk to a professional.

Not Fucking Again all my save progress is gone and now I have to start for beginning AGAIN, this is so fucking Annoying, Why the hell can't they keep prayers progress, like other games like Treasure of Nadia or Lust Epidemic and others

Naturally I gots mad luuv for the taffy game gameplays..but its the prospect of having to replay this game all over again when an update drop that makes it a bit of a bore..cant wait to f the sis though and also the mom..wished they wouldnt focus so much on Clara as much..but it doesnt bother me much too as well..well looking forward till next update..keep it up Dev(s)

Why of all things did they write the characters to be such assholes!? I just want to jack of! Not feel bad for Danny, the lady-like boy, and his poor mom that is being chastised for not cleaning well enough and generally not having much money. By people who have never and never will do any sort of hard work. i just got pissed when Darnell just harassed the big-boobed girl. Again, i just want to nut to a nice sex game. Not being persuaded to beat up half a school of fictional characters!

why the fuck can you not save the dammed game with out a code and where do I fined that at I wonder I just played this game for hours just to not be able to save the fucking thing this sucks !@#$%^&*(

Hey guys my load game is gone for some reason. Do i need to a cheat code or should i play a latest version?For context i played this in incognito tab with my email account using vpn proxy in google chrome does that play a role in the loss?

its a pretty good game. The interactions between him and his subconcious made me laugh almost everytime and the scenes were pretty great as well. just some spelling errors, or names being randomly reverted to there preset ones but changed a few slides over. Can;t wait for more

After I've reached 87percent,game was pretty much cap put..done..I'd rather much have fun with his girlfriend Becca then the cleaning lady at the school..His character doesn't present much of a forgo though cause he let his alter-ego takes up shine too much on the entire course of his actions..

PumperFull, Broh playing here is waste of time you can download this game at fap nation you can download andriod and pc games from there here it will take forever to load so i recomennd you to download and play it

the game has a really good art, but the storyline and that all isnt that great, you dont have control over your own actions, this double personality thing should have alot of parts where you can choose between personalities, that would be great, as the player would have option to choose stuff

Do something about the corruption minigame. The pieces are fucking impossible to connect, let alone in the time limit. Proximity boxes so each piece is pulled into alignment when placed close enough would do wonders, 'cause right now it's just broken.

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