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AutoCAD is computer-aided design (CAD) software that is used for precise 2D and 3D drafting, design, and modeling with solids, surfaces, mesh objects, documentation features, and more. It includes features to automate tasks and increase productivity such as comparing drawings, counting, adding objects, and creating tables. It also comes with seven industry-specific toolsets for electrical design, plant design, architecture layout drawings, mechanical design, 3D mapping, adding scanned images, and converting raster images. AutoCAD enables users to create, edit, and annotate drawings via desktop, web, and mobile devices.\n"}]},"@type":"Question","name":"Who uses Autodesk AutoCAD?","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"Autodesk AutoCAD is used by students, architects, designers, engineers, project managers, real estate developers, and construction professionals to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"What is the difference between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT? ","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"AutoCAD LT is powerful 2D CAD software used for precision drafting and documentation. AutoCAD includes all the features of AutoCAD LT, plus additional features to benefit productivity such as 3D modeling and automation of repetitive processes. AutoCAD also lets you customize the user interface with APIs and add-on apps. With AutoCAD, users are able work more efficiently with seven industry-specific toolsets to enhance automation and productivity for tasks in architecture, mechanical design, electrical design, plant design, plumbing, converting raster images, geographic information systems, and 3D mapping.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"Which operating system does Autodesk AutoCAD software run on?\u202f\u202f","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"Autodesk AutoCAD can run on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux. See\u202fAutoCAD system requirements for details.\n\nEvery Autodesk AutoCAD subscription includes AutoCAD on the web and mobile. AutoCAD on mobile can run on iOS, Android, and Windows. See AutoCAD on mobile system requirements for version details. Autodesk AutoCAD on the web is supported by 64-bit Google Chrome, 64-bit Mozilla Firefox, and 64-bit Microsoft Edge on Windows or Mac. See\u202fAutoCAD on web system requirements for version details.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"Can I use AutoCAD for free?","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"Yes. Students and educators can get free one-year educational access to Autodesk products and services, renewable for as long as you remain eligible. Learn more.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"How do I download AutoCAD?","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"Autodesk provides download and install instructions for individuals and administrators. Your available downloads appear in Autodesk Account. Find your product, select a version, platform, language, and download method. For more information, visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"Which versions of AutoCAD can I use if I subscribe to the current version? ","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"Your AutoCAD subscription gives you access to install and use the three previous versions of AutoCAD. Available downloads are listed in your Autodesk Account after subscribing. See also previous releases available for subscribers.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"Can I install Autodesk AutoCAD on multiple computers? ","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"With a subscription to Autodesk AutoCAD software, you can install it on up to three computers or other devices. However, only the named user can sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time. Please refer to the\u202fSoftware License Agreement for more information.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"How do I convert my AutoCAD free trial to a paid subscription? ","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"Launch your trial software and click Subscribe Now on the trial screen or buy AutoCAD here. When buying your subscription, enter the same email address and password combination you used to sign in to your trial. Learn more about\u202fconverting a trial to a paid subscription.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"How much does an AutoCAD subscription cost? ","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"The price of an annual AutoCAD subscription is\u202f\u202fand the price of a monthly AutoCAD subscription is\u202f. The price of a 3-year AutoCAD subscription is\u202f. If you have infrequent users and are interested in a pay-as-you-go option, please visit to learn more.\n"],"@type":"Question","name":"Does AutoCAD run on Mac?","acceptedAnswer":["@type":"Answer","text":"AutoCAD can run on Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. AutoCAD for macOS runs natively on Apple silicon. It supports the M-series chips including M1 and M2. See\u202fAutoCAD system requirements for more details.\n"]],"@type":"FAQPage","@context":" "} Architecture Engineering Construction Collection

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About Autodesk Autodesk is changing how the world is designed and made. Our technology spans architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media and entertainment, empowering innovators everywhere to solve challenges big and small. From greener buildings to smarter products to more mesmerizing blockbusters, Autodesk software helps our customers to design and make a better world for all. For more information, visit or follow @autodesk.

Employees of TheStreet are prohibited from trading individual securities.","articleImageUrl":"//","isExternalContributor":false,"publishDate":new Date(1671815293000),"primaryAuthorUrl":"/author/1668375/bruce-kamich/all.html","siteName":"Real Money","mediumThumbUrl":"//","leadTicker":"[\"ADSK\"]","categoryName":"","publishDateFormatted":"2022-12-23T12:08:13.000Z","compactPubDate":"12:08 PM","numPages":1,"subcategoryName":"US Equity - RM ","lastPublishDate":"2022-12-23T12:08:13.000-0500","pages":"0":"number":1,"pageTitle":"Autodesk Fails to Convince Me It's a Buy - RealMoney","isLastPage":true,"body":" Software designer Autodesk (ADSK) was rated a new \"outperform\" (buy) by a sell-side firm Friday with a $245 price target. Let's check out the charts to see if this call is confirmed by the chart action. In the daily bar chart of ADSK, below, I see a chart that is struggling to make an upside move. The shares are trading below the declining 50-day moving average line and below the weak 200-day line. The On-Balance-Volume (OBV) line has declined the past two months telling me that sellers of ADSK are acting more aggressively than buyers. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) oscillator is bearish. In the weekly Japanese candlestick chart of ADSK, below, I can see a vulnerable-looking chart picture. The shares failed twice in the $225-$240 area this year. ADSK trades below the declining 40-week moving average line. The weekly OBV line shows a decline from August. The MACD oscillator has improved in recent months but still remains below the zero line in sell territory. In this daily Point and Figure chart of ADSK, below, I can see a potential downside price target in the $159 area. A trade at $159 could precipitate even deeper losses. In this weekly Point and Figure chart of ADSK, below, a downside price target in the $163 area is shown. Bottom-line strategy: Traders should avoid the long side of ADSK as further declines look possible. ","isFirstPage":true,"url":"/investing/stocks/autodesk-fails-to-convince-me-its-a-buy-16111929","tier":"code":1,"name":"silver","subcategoryId":1290269,"photographer":"Autodesk","id":16111929,"relatedStories":,"headline":"Autodesk Fails to Convince Me It's a Buy","contentType":"Text","headlineTwitter":"Autodesk Fails to Convince Me It's a Buy","smallThumbUrl":"//","siteCode":"RMY","isVideo":false,"authorId":1668375,"largeThumbUrl":"//","headlineFacebook":"Autodesk Fails to Convince Me It's a Buy","url":"/investing/stocks/autodesk-fails-to-convince-me-its-a-buy-16111929","tags":"[\"path\":\"investing\",\"name\":\"Investing\",\"id\":144,\"searchable\":true,\"categoryId\":2798933,\"path\":\"investing/stocks\",\"name\":\"Stocks\",\"id\":165,\"searchable\":true,\"categoryId\":2798943,\"path\":\"technical-analysis\",\"name\":\"Technical Analysis\",\"id\":166,\"searchable\":true,\"categoryId\":0,\"path\":\"software-services\",\"name\":\"Software & Services\",\"id\":224,\"searchable\":true,\"categoryId\":0,\"path\":\"investing/technology\",\"name\":\"Technology\",\"id\":226,\"searchable\":true,\"categoryId\":2811087,\"path\":\"analyst-actions\",\"name\":\"Analyst Actions\",\"id\":339,\"searchable\":true,\"categoryId\":0]","publishDateAsString":"Dec 23, 2022 12:08 PM EST","subcategorySlug":"usequity","channels":"[\"name\":\"Investing\",\"id\":2798933,\"name\":\"Stocks\",\"id\":2798943]","isBrandedView":false,"authorName":"Bruce Kamich","metaTitle":"Autodesk Fails to Convince Me It's a Buy","primaryTag":"Stocks","isPremium":true,"authors":"[\"name\":\"Bruce Kamich\",\"id\":1668375]"}; Keystone.articleModelData = article: articleModel ; })(); About Privacy Terms of Use 1996-2023 TheStreet, Inc., 225 Liberty Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10281 041b061a72


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